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Etsy Featured Shop and Interview

 I still remember my first Etsy purchase from back in 2006– a handmade greeting card (not too terribly surprising, right?). I loved how Etsy provided the buyer with a connection to the maker and how they’ve created an entire community in support of makers and artisans. We couldn’t have been more honored to be interviewed as part of Etsy’s Featured Shop series a couple weeks ago. The full interview is available here, and the numerous sweet and kind comments made us even happier to be a part of Etsy’s handmade community.

Also, it was so hard to narrow down studio photos to include for our interview, so I just had to share a few more here (taken by Olivia Rae James).
















Studio Photos Sneak Peek

A week or so ago, talented photographer (and also a former Nashvillian) Olivia Rae James dropped by the studio for a photography session. I can’t say what’s in the works just yet, but I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of her amazing photos.


So wonderful!

Be sure to check out her blog as well. I particularly love her Charleston, I Love You posts.

Post & Courier Interview

Jamie and I moved to Charleston in 2006. After a year of getting to know the city, we fell in love with the Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston and bought our first house (that would eventually include the INK MEETS PAPER studio). The Post and Courier, Charleston’s newspaper, has been highlighting various areas of town, and we were thrilled when they wanted to interview us about Park Circle. You can read full article here.

We also really enjoyed getting to know photographer Laura Olsen who did the photo shoot for the article. She also took some photos of our studio and was kind enough to send them our way. A few of my favorites are below, and you can check out the rest of them on our Facebook page.

INK MEETS PAPER by Laura Olsen

Challenge Paper Cutter by Laura Olsen

Ink Table

Ink Mixing Cabinet Makeover

We’d been looking for additional table and storage space for the studio, so I couldn’t believe our good luck at this amazing curbside find (and it’s the perfect size for our studio space).
Ink Table Before

Jamie and I briefly talked about sanding and repainting the piece but ultimately decided the existing weathered finish had more character and fit our current aesthetic in the studio.

In order to make the cabinet function as an ink mixing table, we added a piece of glass to the wooden top. The top isn’t in great shape, so the glass covers the uneven parts of the wood and provides a nonporous surface for mixing inks. (I should also mention that the glass piece was another curbside find. It was a glass shelf from an old entertainment center.)

Ink Table with Glass Top

These bubbled glass knobs (in teal) from Anthropologie added a nice pop of color.

Bubbled Glass Knob

While there’s not a huge difference in the cabinet’s appearance, we were able to salvage pieces that would have been taken to the dump and instead turn them into functional studio pieces (which is completely aligned with how we were able to transform the life of our printing press as well).

Ink Table After