A day just for writing letters! Jamie and I had so much fun at mac & murphy for 2940heart, Charleston’s first-ever day to celebrate handwritten correspondence.
The event card was designed to look like an addressed envelope– complete with vintage stamps.

2940heart card front


Liz and Ami set up an awesome display of INK MEETS PAPER cards, and we spent the day chatting about stationery, sharing our love of letterpress, and writing cards.



I especially loved seeing all of the little ones out writing cards.

Russ and Lily writing cards

Kingston at 2940heart

Mailing Cards

Not only did we have a fantastic time, but we’re definitely sure all of the card recipients’ days were brightened when they received handwritten cards.

P.S. If you feel a bit nervous about sitting down and writing a letter to someone, check out Margaret Shepherd’s The Art of the Handwritten Note (also available at mac & murphy). Shepherd discusses the importance of handwritten correspondence and even includes example scenarios and responses.

The Art of the Handwritten Note book