Makers Summit Recap

The talented ladies behind the Indie Craft Parade hosted another amazing event at the beginning of February: The Makers Summit.  A one-day business conference for creatives, artists, and makers, the event allowed people to connect with fellow creatives while learning how to start or grow your creative business, hear practical advice from industry experts and participate in collective discussions. The lineup of panelists included Stephen Fraser (Spoonflower), Grace Kang (Pink Olive), and Kimm Alfonso (Etsy), and attendees also had access to 10-minute complimentary consultations with experts in various creative and non-creative fields: accounting, legal, branding, marketing, public relations, and Etsy shop reviews.

Along with the conference, there was also a dinner and after party– the “Best Craft Party Ever.” Elizabeth contacted us about doing a letterpress printing station at the craft party, and we couldn’t have been more excited to participate. Since we don’t have a portable (tabletop) press, the lovely folks at Redux Studios allowed us to borrow one of theirs. We’d thought we’d be bringing the Showcard sign press, which would have made for super quick setup and easy printing; however, I vastly underestimated the weight (it didn’t seem that heavy when it sat on the cabinet during the letterpress class), so we ended up bringing the Craftsmen tabletop platen press instead. It took us a bit more time to set up than we’d anticipated (due to a cracked weld and those darn impression screws), but our patience paid off, and the press was printing like a champ.

We made the journey to Greenville with the press as a backseat guest.

And while we missed out on the conference portion of the day, we had an amazing afternoon and evening at the dinner and craft party portion of the festivities. Dinner was delicious and beautiful (those balloons!). We were happy to chat with fellow Charleston creative Emily Jeffords and meet blogger Shannon Orr during dinner.

After dinner, the craft party kicked off. Participants chose a craft for the night (terrariums, beeswax candles, and leather bound journals were a few of the options), and everyone was also able to screen print their conference shirt with Dapper Ink, pull a letterpress print with us, and see a 3D printer in action with the Greenville Makers group.

It was so lovely to meet so many amazing people during the evening (and share our love of letterpress). A few scenes from the letterpress printing station:


We loved catching up with friends Michelle of Finkelstein’s Center (and hang out with Barnum, pictured below) and Jessica of Owlette. Being surrounded by so many passionate, creative people is exhilarating and wonderful.


What an awesome event! Thanks, Indie Craft Parade team, for letting us be a part of it. Let’s keep on making… because the world always needs more awesome. 🙂