Text Less. Write More.®

Happy Spring! It seems we’re finally out of the chilly weather and into warm sunny days here in Charleston. Jamie and I have been taking advantage of the late evening daylight with bike rides through the neighborhood. The fresh air and sunshine have been really invigorating. With preparations for the upcoming National Stationery Show in full swing, it’s not hard to feel the need to work 24/7– there are so many things to consider (not to mention rules and regulations to follow). Balance is key though, which is why I think these postcards are pretty fitting with today’s post. Texts and emails are definitely convenient, but they can’t replace the beauty and timelessness of a handwritten note. So go ahead and send your texts for happy hour meetups and last-minute grocery store errands, but just make sure you don’t leave out real, handwritten sentiments.

P.S. The above postcards are available in our Etsy shop.

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