Happy New Year and Happy Mail

Happy New Year, friends! It’s hard to believe we’re already into the second month of 2015. The year has already been off to a whirlwind start, and we’re excited to announce the first bit of excitement for the new year: the addition of Alison as the newest member of the INK MEETS PAPER team. Alison was our intern/apprentice in 2013, and we couldn’t be happier to have her back as our Studio and Production Assistant. She’s already been a tremendous help, and we’re excited for what else is in store for the new year.

In the mean time, I thought I’d share our 2015 new year’s card. We’ve taken to sending these out (both as personal and company cards) rather than a traditional Christmas card with the hope that they can be used as a bit of inspiration throughout the year (rather than being so holiday focused).

INK MEETS PAPER® New Year's Card for 2015 INK MEETS PAPER New Year’s Card for 2015

This year’s piece was a one-color, double-sided print (the back included a message from us and wording was adjusted depending on whether it was for the business or personal). We used classic black ink on 200-lb smooth stock. While not as textured as cotton paper, this paper was super easy to color on, which is what we wanted the recipient to do– make it theirs.

Letterpress printed onto 200-lb smooth stock Letterpress printed onto 200-lb smooth stock Detail view with neon edge painting Detail view with neon edge painting

We used metallic silver ink for the return address. It actually looks like it was foil stamped since the envelope is a metallic black coated paper.

Neon edge painting in five alternating colors added a subtle pop of color (especially when tucked into the envelope) and coordinated with the Celebrate stamps.

Neon edge painting in five alternating colors Neon edge painting in five alternating colors

It’s been fun to see how the different pieces have turned out, like this one from our stockist Kristina of Crumple + Toss.

It was a definitely a season for receiving beautiful and inspiring pieces of mail too. As much as we love sending mail, it’s just as fun to open the mailbox and find it filled with happy handwritten messages.

Foil stamped and hand-lettered prettiness from our friends at Oh So Beautiful Paper, Urbanic, and Etsy Wholesale.

Andrea of Inkwell Boutique is not only a shop owner (and one of our stockists), but she’s also a letterpress printer. Her “Sweet Season’s Eatings” card was such a treat to open!  Poppins’ owner Kate sent a charming illustrated card of the shopfront, complete with a sprinkling of glitter snow.

More holiday loveliness from our friends Adam & Halligan, Boxcar Press, and Hope of Gutwrench Press.

We first connected with Rin of Papered Thoughts through Instagram, and she’s another snail mail, letter writing enthusiast who sends the most thoughtful cards and letters. Her New Year’s card included confetti and little sparkly party pick as well as a fortune telling fish (so fun!)

More festive handwritten holiday cheer from in-person and online friends (Lexie and Bobbie)– both of whom share a love of handwritten correspondence.

And to wrap up this post, we couldn’t resist highlighting the January collection from letterpress stationery subscription service Nicely Noted, which included our “Hooray Dots” card, along with hot pink “Hello” flat card from Steel Petal Press, and “Diamonds” card by Greenwich Letterpress.

Cheers to an amazing year! We hope it’s filled with great things, adventures, and, of course, lots of handwritten correspondence!