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Can't Say I Do Without You
Jessica Reichert

Can't Say I Do Without You

Family Christmas
Gordon Rooney
Quality Cards, Supporting Local

The cards I purchased are wonderful. I continue to purchase products from Ink Meets Paper because they're quality greeting cards, purchases get shipped quickly and supporting a local business is important to me.

Wonderful cards!

I always find something neat at ink meets paper.

Loved all the cards!!

Fast delivery and the cards are all so cute!! Can't wait to send snail mail!

I Still Do
Debbie S.
Happy Anniversary

The simplicity and honesty of this card was exactly what I was looking for to give to my better half for our 47th anniversary. Thank you Ink Meets Paper for always having the perfect card.

Sweet Mama to Be
Debbie S.
Perfect Expression of Love

My daughter-in-law is expecting her first child in December and she lives so far away. I wanted to reach out and let her know how excited we are for her, to give her a huge hug and to just let her know how much we love her. This card, so well crafted, said it all. Thank You!

New House Congrats
Phenomenal Service

I was blown away by the level of service. Delivery updates, a personal message and custom wrapping are just a couple of reasons that Ink Meets Paper is now my go to shop and the reason I am recommending them to others I know.

Confetti Happy
Amber Nungesser
Awesome cards

High quality cards! Nice designs! Great customer service! Love to support a local small business!

Karen Ellenberg
A modern take on a timeless craft!

I ordered two boxes of beautifully made stationery and some equally beautiful birthday cards. The paper is wonderful as are the clever designs! The hand-colored edge is another beautiful feature.

Confetti Congrats
Natalie Lewis
Beautiful cards

I love mailing these cards out and my friends and family love receiving them!!!

Happy Birth Month
Alexey Makhinko
A real card for real emotion!

These cards look and feel amazing! Invest in the real stuff, in the real emotion. ♥️

Cheers to You
Mary Jane Sturgis
Wonderful cards

I love these little cards. They are beautifully printed on quality paper, with lovely, simple messages & drawings. I discovered them when my son sent me one. This was my 2nd order of 5-6 cards & I’ll be back again.

Family to Me Father's Day
Maggie Spackman
Never Disappoint!

Regular shopper/collector of Ink Meets Paper cards. I love the simplicity of their designs, they say exactly what you need to express without “hoopla”.
Superb quality card and envelopes and they are always helpful and quick to ship.

Happiest Holiday Wishes
Mary Jane Sturgis

I love your simple, beautiful little cards. They’re perfect for all occasions. I’ll be back 🤗.

I Think of You Often
Duella Scott-Hull

I love to write personal notes. The quality of the message & paper of these cards makes that a joy! Even the packaging was personal & of high quality. I will purchase again.
I learned of your cards when a student I had 20+ years ago sent me a note recently on one of your cards.

I Love You, Mom
Claire Powers

love all the prints that I ordered - so perfect and unique!

Such a thoughtful note and perfect wrapping!

Getting Married
Michele Lewis
Beautiful Card

My favorite is the typing on the envelope: Text Less/Write true!!

Happy Thoughts
Randahl Ramos
Beautiful Greeting Cards

Great letterpress notes and cards!

I Can't Wait To Hug You Again!!

When I saw this card I knew it was the one I had been searching for. I was looking for that special card for my son's birthday. I haven't been able to see him for over 18 months now and needless to say I miss him terribly. This beautifully crafted card said it all.
I love the process of how the cards are made on an antique printing press, the envelopes are beautifully made with a bit of a note on the interior. These cards are really special, I highly recommend them if you're looking for well crafted cards to send to family and friends.

To New Adventures
Nina Freedman

Now more than ever when so much of our communication is electronic we were thrilled to have these stunning letterpress cards arrive!

A Friend Like You
Nina Freedman

Mehta spectacular cards arrived , if only I had ordered more! Soon as I have already written two notes and so love the message on the inside flap of the envelope!

Cheers to You
Erin Lingle
pure joy!

I love using Ink Meets Paper to celebrate the special people in my life. This card stands out with its quality paper, beautiful printing, and joyful colors. Always love sending cards from Ink Meets Paper!

So cute!

My fiancé used to live in North Charleston while I lived in Ohio and he once bought me a sweet card from Ink Meets Paper that was so special. He is being deployed and I decided to send him a card from the same place. It came faster than expected with a sweet handwritten card. Thank you for making such cute & special cards for any occasion!

Cards that make you smile 😊

Incredible customer service and beautiful cards. No one needs to remind me that writing is better than texting.... I’m old school and love the art of crafting a letter. Thank you for your nice note as well. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!!!!!