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Cute Butt
Gina Espinosa-Salcedo
High Quality, Fun Cards

I was gifted a ‘Beautiful Human’ card and loved it so much that I immediately visited the website and ordered a variety of 15 different cards. The quality is exceptional and I love the message on the inside of the envelopes, as well as the ‘grab bag’ of mystery cards. The cards arrived promptly with a personalized, handwritten note from Jamie, which reinforced feeling good about supporting this SC small business. What drew me to the cards initially, beyond the positive, supportive messages, was the rainbow card. I love it as an ally. My only recommendation to the company would be to offer the envelope to pair with any of the cards, even as a slight additional charge, as I’d order those to mix/match with other celebration cards (vs. the grey) to brighten a mailbox, and further draw attention to/distinguish your company. I’ll happily be a repeat customer. Thank you!

Love Grows Valentine
Hugh McVeety
Beautiful Cards by Beautiful People!

Treat your loved ones with the very best and a truly unique gift card by local artisans.

Happy Birth Month
Dianne Christian
Unique birthday card

I received the Birthday month card from a friend and loved it so much that I ordered several to send to friends of mine. It is just unique and stands our above the typical birthday card. I love the quality of the card and even the mailing envelope is special. I also love to receive any and all hand-written notes which is rapidly becoming a lost art. Kudos to Ink Meets Paper!!

Note Writer!

Find myself continuing to drawn to your cards whether seeing them in a retain boutique or ordering online. Love the simplicity and quality. Keep making those notes, encouraging other to write.

Je t'adore
ruby klein
Perfect Cards

I couldn’t be happier with my card selections. Great quality and what wonderful graphics. We may make a detour on our way north this summer to see Ink Meets Paper in person. I’m glad for businesses like IMP! Cheers

Beautiful and Elegant!

I've been a long time customer and Ink Meets Paper continues to deliver! The card stock is thick, sturdy, slightly textured, and yet it's still easy to write on. The embossing and printing is crisp, beautiful, and well set. I just sent this card out to a friend and I'm sure she will really appreciate it!

Holidays— I Care
Catherine P McGuinn
Love these cards!

I love these cards! I have bought several packages of them over the years and I Love all of them! ❤️ always beautiful, fun and unique messages.

Love this card

The card quality is very nice! I love this design for my penpals. Will order more soon!

Write more!

Love your cards! The paper stock, envelope, press is all quality. Easy to buy over and over. Please keep pressing encouraging others to write.

Debbie S

Love everything about your cards!
The texture, color and words!
They make my heart smile.❤️

Dog Mom
Kira Theesfeld

Receiving my package today was like a little gift to myself. The presentation and handwritten note were just the best surprise. In a world where everything is so blah… your product attention to detail is anything but!

Found the perfect cards!

Love this shop- they always have what I’m looking for. Quick processing of my order, too!

You Are Amazing
John Groth
You are amazing

You need a smaller (3.5 x 5.0) "thank You" note card to sell in packs of 10 or 20. Excellent results happen when you make it a habit to send frequent cards. One entrepreneur sent one a day for a year and saw an over 30% increase in business and his attitude changed from about 7/10 to 10+/10. Thanks!

Advice + Well Wishes
Melanie Smith
Love This

I bought it for some newlyweds but recently used it for my friends married for many years to share good happy hours and good stations to have Alexa play. INK MEETS PAPER produce lovely high quality cards and helps spread more joy in the world.

The perfect card

I really love the quality and message on all of ink meets paper cards. They are my go-to company when finding a great card for every person in my life. I am so excited to use these cards to ask my friends to be bridesmaids. The sweetest note arrived with these too. Overall love.

Writing more!

Received one of your cards for Mother’s Day which prompted me to visit your website. Ended up placing an order of several cards on nice quality card stock with beautiful simple words. Love the printed inside envelope with “TEXT LESS. WRITE MORE.”

Brushed Heart
Catherine McGuinn
Best Cards on the Market

Best Cards on the Market. They have a nice weight to them, and I like that they are sincere and not stupid or corny.

Beautiful Human
Adam Burgess
Love These!

Needed special cards for a special purpose and remembered seeing these at Barnes & Noble during Pride month. Super fast shipment and perfect condition. Thank you!

Love + Advice Botanics
Elise Crosby
love the ferns

These beautiful pressed notes are so special in the digital age. We are looking forward to passing on guests' love + advice to our sweethearts

You Inspire
Christina Miller
Oh I LOVE this card!

I got my five cards in the mail today. I’m so excited to put one to paper and send out some love this Feb.! I bought a card last year and couldn’t send it out-I love looking at the sentiment every day.
Thank you Jamie and Ink Meets Paper!

Ruth Wood
Just right

These delightful cards are classic and classy, perfect for a quick thank you or a hello. I hope to order again soon!

You're So Pretty
Shannan Kelly

You're So Pretty

Get Through Anything
Ruth Wood
This card was a no-brainer

My husband and I have spent the last two-three months dealing with getting a new well dug while living in our RV 30 miles away. Between the weather and the logistics with the drill crews, it's been a bugger of a headache, and I thought this card would be a nice little morale boost. Thank you!

Deck the Halls
Zach Marshall
Exceptional Quality

The weight of these cards and font chosen are just top notch. Definitely a cut above your average Christmas/Holiday cards!

Confetti Cheers
Consuelo Duplass
Stylish cards

Beautifully designed; paper quality is classy with just the right coloring. I love they are blank inside so I can express my own sentiments in my own words! Will continue to support your lovely business, good luck in your endeavors. Consuelo, New Orleans, LA