stack of freshly cut paper on antique paper cutter

Thick Cottony Paper Arrives

at our Park Circle studio in big 22×30-inch sheets. From there, we trim all of the paper down to a more manageable size for printing using our Chandler & Price guillotine paper cutter (watch those fingers, y’all!).

Team INK Fun Fact:
Our 100% cotton paper is tree free and uses cotton that’s recycled from the garment industry.

Ink Is Mixed

according to the color formula in the Pantone guide, which ensures we’re mixing up the same color each time we print. Mixing ink is one of the hands-on aspects to the process that we absolutely love. From computer screen to ink palette, the color truly comes to life.

Team INK Fun Fact:
Top Pantone color picks from the team

Paper Pantone Guide fanned out to show many color swatches.
Black & white photo of press operator printing at a Chandler & Price printing press in the INK MEETS PAPER Studio

Ready to print!

Once the ink colors are mixed, we’re ready to head to print. Our workhouse machine is our antique Chandler & Price platen press from 1923. It’s 1,000 pounds of cast iron, and our press lady (and co-owner) Allison still hand feeds each piece of paper, one color at a time, into the press. Between colors, the press must be washed up and then the new design set up and registered in order to begin printing the second color.


…yes, she is a badass. 😉

We take craftsmanship and quality seriously in order to produce a finished product that is delightful to the senses, visually and tactilely. Throughout the print run, Allison constantly checks the inking, impression, and registration to ensure the quality of each card is consistent.

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