INK MEETS PAPER Business Cards

We changed up our business cards a bit from our last design (there are definite perks to printing your own cards– no guilt in changing it up every now and then). Our previous cards were printed on 220-lb cotton paper and were two colors and two sided (and Jamie and I each had cards specific to us). While they were definitely impressive (and the thick paper felt so good), they weren’t as versatile as we would have liked. Surprisingly, the super-thick paper was really limiting. We could only fit so many in a shirt pocket (or business card holder). In addition, Jamie and I decided we also wanted a card that included both of our names (and general “hello” email address*)– too many times one of us was asking us the other for a business card to hand out. The simplified design of this business card allows us to play with the paper type more. We went with both 110-lb, 100% cotton paper as well as recycled chipboard printed in a single color. The variance in paper textures aligns with our visual brand, and the single color makes reprinting a lot easier.

* We also decided to set up an auto-reply to our general “hello” email address. People tend to wonder where their email goes since there’s not a name directly associated with this email account. An auto-reply lets our potential client know we have received their email and will be in touch as soon as possible.