Handcrafted Hearts, a pop-up shop for your valentine

Valentine’s Day 2012. INK MEETS PAPER teamed up with Sweeteeth chocolate to hold a valentine pop-up shop at COAST Brewing Company in the Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston. Chocolates, letterpress cards, beer– what could be better?
As much as we love our North Charleston neighborhood (Park Circle), there aren’t any local card or gift shops. This year we wanted to make shopping locally for one’s valentine even easier. We thought pulling together three local, Park Circle artisans would be the perfect match. For two Saturdays, Sweeteeth and INK MEETS PAPER set up at COAST during their regular tasting hours. It turned out to be a great opportunity to meet locals and to share our love of locally produced goods.

Handcrafted Hearts - INK MEETS PAPER

Handcrafted Hearts Pop-Up Shop - Sweeteeth

Jamie and I designed the flyer, focusing on handlettering and a handcrafted paper effect to follow the theme of the pop-up shop.

Handcrafted Hearts Flyer


While Jamie and I have participated in several craft shows, we still feel like there’s something new to learn at each event. In the case of the pop-up shop, we set up outside for the February 4 shop, which proved to be a BIG challenge when it came to paper goods. While the weather was nice and calm during setup, it got really windy during the actual event, which meant we were always trying to keep the cards (or, worse, the tent) from flying away. Thankfully, setting up inside  the brewery wasn’t a problem for the following week; however, Jamie and I are definitely back to the drawing board in terms of a good display for outdoor venues.

The other element of our craft fair / pop-up shop displays that we wrestle with is the best way to display our Card Stories. We have so much to share about our cards, and our current displays still don’t fully communicate everything we offer.