DIY: Watercolor Napkin Ring Place Cards

Springtime in Charleston kicks off the season of weddings, celebrations, and many outdoor dinner parties. These watercolor napkin rings add a quick and easy pop of color to the dinner table without breaking the bank. With the addition of your guests’ names, they also become place cards.
For brides, consider getting your bridesmaids together for a craft night (especially if your invite list is long). It’s always more fun when you have the help of friends, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll finish the project.



Watercolor paper cut into 2-inch strips

Watercolor paints


Water for rinsing brushes


Double-sided tape



1 – Dip brush in water and paint. Apply paint to paper. Don’t feel limited to brush strokes only– spatter and dab the paint onto the paper as well. Try out different paintbrush sizes. Mix colors. Add more water to produce lighter shades.

2 – Let paper dry completely.

3 – Write names of your guests onto each strip of paper.

4 – Roll napkins and wrap paper strip around napkin. Trim any excess paper and  secure with double-sided tape.