Ladies of Letterpress Conference 2012

Jamie and I just got back from a wonderful long weekend surrounded by amazing and talented people in the letterpress community. Really, it was that awesome.


Organized by Kseniya Thomas (Thomas-Printers) and Jessica C. Smith (Heroes and Criminals Press), the Ladies of Letterpress Conference gathers letterpress printers and letterpress lovers (guys included) of all backgrounds and experience levels in Asheville, North Carolina to discuss the industry and meet the letterpress community. This year’s conference included a tour of Asheville print shops, a total of 12 panels (on everything from business and legal issues to a portfolio exchange presentation), a keynote presentation by wood engraver and printer Abigail Rorer (Lone Oak Press), a film screening of Proceed and Be Bold, and a dance party.

There was also a Printers Fair, and this year Jamie and I brought along a display for the Letterpress Hotline. We handed out lots of information cards with the hotline number and got a few new volunteers to sign up as operators (that’s one aspect of the letterpress community that I really love– everyone is so willing to answer questions and help someone else out).

I could go on and on about how great the conference was.

And this would be an epically long post.

So instead, I’ll highlight what I think the best part of the entire weekend was: community.

A community where:
online relationships through social media become real life friendships
information and knowledge is shared freely
everyone comes from different backgrounds but finds unity in a love of printing

We are so glad we were able to attend this year, meet new friends, and to re-kindle existing relationships. See you all next year at Type On The Cob!

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