Indie Craft Parade Recap

What an awesome weekend!
One evening and two full days of handmade amazingness. Jamie and I had such a great time this past weekend in Greenville, SC at the Indie Craft Parade. Over 6,000 people attended the three-day event, and it was pretty incredible to see such support for craft and handmade. A big thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth (both familiar faces and new ones).

We changed up our booth display a bit to maximize our 4-ft table space. We heard lots of positive feedback about the display and even received third prize for best booth display (those couple of late work nights paid off!). Since we were indoors, we were also able to set up an iPhone with a loop of a couple Card Story videos. (And, yes, this is the only picture I have of our display. Oh well.)

Erin Godbey and Elizabeth Ramos, the Indie Craft Parade coordinators, are extraordinary. Their attention to detail in organizing and executing the event definitely shows. We were also really thankful for the great team of volunteers who always had smiles on their faces and were always willing to lend a hand (and bring us a bottle of water). And, of course, a big thanks to the sponsors who were another huge part in making the event so successful.

The Huguenot Mill is a great venue. It’s the perfect size, and the exposed brick and hardwood floors really add nice visual interest (and uphold the handmade-craft aesthetic).

I loved these pairs of ceramic pears by Crave Studio.

A la carte party goods by The Gilded Fete are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your party decor.

I couldn’t get enough of The Small Object’s fabulous packaging and charming display– so good!

One of my favorite parts about participating in craft shows is getting to know other artisans. We spent lots of great time and conversations with our good friend and fellow letterpress printer Katie of Concrete Lace.

There were lots of talented people from Charleston:

Fellow Park Circle resident and chocolatier Johnny of Sweeteeth 


My Creative Coffee friend Sarah of Dodeline Design (with her husband Robert)

We also met Michelle of Finkelstein’s Center for Toys and our booth neighbor and new-Charleston-resident Emily Jeffords of Emily Jeffords Art & Design and Beautiful Hello (and unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of either of their booths). Park Circle neighbor Keller (of Warm Glass by Keller) also dropped by our booth to say hello.

The Vagabond Barista’s incredible, hand-crafted-by-the-cup coffee kept us well caffeinated throughout the weekend (and how awesome is it that they serve their coffee in actual glasses rather than paper cups).

Of course, we couldn’t come back empty handed. We picked up this awesome screen printed piece by Shed Labs

and this charming salt cellar by Jeanette Zeis Ceramics.

Cheers to handmade!