National Stationery Show: Almost There

If you’ve been following along with our Twitter and Instagram feeds, you’ve probably noticed lots of talk about the upcoming National Stationery Show (which is the trade show for all things paper). We’re super excited to be debuting our line this year (booth no. 2267), and we’ve also been working around the clock to get all of the details in place (less than three weeks to go!). It’s amazing how many components there are– from building and shipping booth walls and materials to developing and producing new products. These past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind.
We’re so excited to meet new shops and buyers though (and are really looking forward to meeting our current accounts in person), and we can’t wait to introduce all sorts of new INK MEETS PAPER products.

In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek of what we’ve got up our sleeves.

new designs & new custom envelopes

which means we’ve been cutting down stacks and stacks of paper

a peek of the mailers we sent out to potential shops and buyers

hand-addressed envelopes ready to be mailed

If you’re attending NSS this year, we’d love to meet you– please drop by and say hello at booth no. 2267!