DIY: Pencil Cup and Desk Organizer

Between all of the pencils, markers, scissors, colored pencils, pens, and X-acto knives we have floating around the office and studio, it can get a bit messy and unorganized (especially since I tend to grab something from the desk and never put it back in the same spot). With this easy pencil cup and desk organizer DIY, I plan on making multiples in order to keep everything in its correct spot.


Tin can

Leftover wrapping paper (thicker paper is best)


X-acto knife (or paper cutter)

Mod Podge (I used matte)

Sponge brush applicator


1 – Wrap leftover wrapping paper scrap around can (allow for a bit of overlap) and mark where paper should be trimmed.

2 – Trim paper to marked size.

3 – Measure length of can with ruler and trim paper to correct size.


4 – Apply thin coat of Mod Podge to back of paper (very thin, you don’t want the paper to buckle).

5 – Carefully wrap paper around can.

6 – Apply thin coat of Mod Podge to exterior of can. Let dry and apply another coat. Mod Podge directions say that you can apply a sealant to combat the tackiness/stickiness of the Mod Podge after it’s dried; however, I didn’t apply a sealant and don’t notice any tacky/sticky feeling when I touch it.

7 – Get your desk organized!