New Cards!

Wrapping up a new card release is always a huge burst of excitement and huge sigh of relief. From designing and printing to video production and catalog updates, it’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun. I love being involved in all facets of the release– it keeps us on our toes and keeps it interesting.

For these new cards, we added new sentiments to a couple of styles from our release in May. Jamie and I really like the crispness and simplicity of single-color text on the thick cotton paper and wanted to emphasize that in these six designs. The print impression with the block shadow effect in the first three cards almost gives the appearance that parts of the paper have actually been cut away to reveal colored paper beneath. I love seeing the transformation from the flatness of digital design to impression and texture of the printed card.

In contrast to the sleek, straight lines of the first three cards, the remaining cards emphasize the fluidity of lines and curves and were all drawn by hand.

Curious about the letterpress printing process and want to see what all goes in to printing one of our cards? Click on the photos below to check out the accompanying video Card Stories for each of our new cards.

Like what you see and want to spread some handwritten cheer? Pick up a card (or set) online or through one of our awesome retailers.